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After seven years working at a salon, Annari Badenhorst made her dream a reality in 2013 and brought her own business to life from her passion for the beauty industry.

The name Beauty Full Image was created from the services that were offered: Annari – who is a beauty therapist and consultant (Beauty), Sharlien Nel – who is an image consultant (Image) and previous business partner, and all other niche services that were offered under ‘Full’ in the name.

In time, the business evolved and Annari crafted her sole salon offering to specific treatments and services, such as:
• Permanent makeup
• Laser treatments
• Skin needling (collagen treatments)
• Skincare therapy
• Skincare product range sales

Annari strives for honesty in her beauty assessments, engaged client direction, skilled advice and the complete comfort of each client. Adding to this, Annari is an absolute perfectionist and believes in making each client – regular or new – feel right at home.

2005-2006: Health and Skincare Therapy – Camelot International: Comité International d’Esthétique et de Cosmétologie (Cidesco) International Diploma and South African Association of Health and Skincare Professionals (SAAHSP) Diploma
2007: Specialized in Natural and Holistic Therapies – Camelot International: Cidesco Spa International Diploma and SAAHSP Diploma
2011: Permanent makeup – Premier Permanent
2013: Intradermal advanced paramedical procedures – Premier Permanent

– Cherryink Beauty Group: Advanced Eyebrow Shading
– Cherryink Beauty Group: Shaded Liner
– Cherryink Beauty Group: Advanced Full Lip Procedure
– Camelot International: Aromatherapy 1
– Camelot International: Reflexology 1
– Camelot International: Therapeutic Reflexology 2

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